Yesterday I reported that Tucker’s right front wheel is making “womp womp womp” noises and is vibrating my steering wheel.

This morning, I checked the wheels. Turns out, there’s inner cupping on the right front tyre. It may be time to get some new shocks and struts.

That said, my car also hasn’t seen a proper alignment job in over 100,000 miles (because it wasn’t needed in all that time), so it probably got out of spec while the car was drowning in the noise and vibrations of dying bearings.


My front right wheel is also missing all of its wheel weights from a pothole impact (the same impact that probably could have messed up the MacPherson on that side), so it’s guaranteed to be out of balance.

Thankfully the rear end has an overly complex somewhat independent DeDion tube.

So uh, I guess I’ll go to a shop and see which one hits the jackpot!