I nearly buy it, i even bring the check to paid it, but the problem is, the car feels sketchy as hell. It's a Purple 2004 CL600, with (claimed) 19,000km on the clock, but there's a few things that makes me finally walk away from the car.

First off, it has exactly 19,000km. No more, no less. I'm afraid the odometer is tampered in some kind or another, since how often you saw a car with exactly 19,000km on it?

Plus it didn't have service records. Plus the temprerature sensor is broken, basically it's shows that it's 0 degrees out there despite i live in Indonesia where it's summer everyday. I'm affraid it'll cook the engine in no time if i took it on a long drive.

A shame though, since it was perfect. It's purple, it's a 2004 model so it has more power than you'll ever needed, and it feels and sounds superb. It looks just like the one i put up there. Still, would you pay for a cheaper car that feels a bit sketchy or to try to find another example?

And oh, is there any way to see if the Odometer on that CL is really has been tampered?