I made the near-fatal mistake of walking to the grocery store near work. I waiting for the walk sign at a fairly busy intersection- it’s a wide one 4x4 lanes - and walked when it said to walk. Like normal, traffic went by. Then the traffic stopped going by and an Audi Q5 driver who had patiently waited to turn left unleashed all the power of his UR QUAAAAATRO nearly right into my face. He realized his mistake about halfway through the oncoming traffic lane and stopped about a foot short of splattering me halfway across San Francisco.

I resisted the urge throw my lunch at his car and instead just gave him a very stern “what the fuck.” and a beaming stare that probably chilled him all the way to his snotty little heart. Unfortunately he was driving solo (as most SUVs in a city do) so he’ll only have to live with the shame until he can push it down far enough to forget - so like, about 5 minutes after it happened.

Here are some crashing Q5's for your time.