so last week Opposaurus #1b got a flu/cold something with snots and whatnot. Saturday, Opposaurus #3 woke up at 2am with a return delivery of milk and gummy bears. I hate puke. He also had a temperature of 102.5 F.

We give him Tylenol and it goes down. Later Sunday its back up tp 102, some more Tylenol and its drops to 100.7 and that’s about it. My wife was concerned this was related to his recent surgery (despite being 20 days ago now) decided it was time to visit the ER at 8pm Sunday night. She arrived and he was up to 104.5 F. Damn son chill out. The wanted to rule out a UTI but how do you get a urine sample from a 1y/o cuz you can;t tell them to pee into a cup. So they tape a bag to his dingdong but of course hes like ‘”’m not peeing with a bag taped to my wiener. Well unfortunately for him option B was a catheter. Good news is no UTI so no reason to suspect anything is wrong surgery related and is most likely some sort of general viral infection.

We finally got to bed at 230 am. I need a nap, a vacation and a stock of beer.