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I need a C4

Specifically a ZR1 (or in reality build my own ZR1) to create a C4.R. It would combine proper 90's tech and my own imagination if Pratt & Miller had started racing with the C4 instead of the C5. It is hard to find any good info on these cars that raced at the time. I hate the internet because sometimes too much crap shows up that isn’t necessary or relevant. Why can’t we just have a giant race car database?! There were two predominant C4 race cars poised to face LeMans; the Callaway C6 SuperNatural Corvette and the Doug Rippie Challenge Corvette. A bit of a copy and paste info dump, but being at work that’s all I have time to do right now.

Mmmm..... I wonder if I can trade the 928 for a 1990 and up C4 and then find $8k for a ZR1 drivetrain....


In 1992, base Corvettes now used the LT1 engine. With major changes between that engine and the earlier L98, Callaway shifted from positive manifold pressure to increased displacement with the new SuperNatural series. Introduced with 400 hp, power climbed to 425, then 435, and finally 450 hp for the LT1 and LT4 cars. During this same period, Callaway also built SuperNatural Corvettes based upon the ZR-1 Corvette and the LT5 engine. Introduced with 475 hp, power was also available with 490 hp with optional header cats. A full menu of options (brakes, suspension, exhaust, body, wheels/tires) were available. Originally, the SuperNatural Series was called the CL-1 and CR-1 CL, for the LT1 powered cars. CR, for the LT5 powered cars. This moniker was very short lived, changing to SuperNatural soon after introduction.

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Doug Rippie

Generation: C4
Year: 1995
Race Numbers: 06, 30, 54, 55
Ownership: Doug Rippie Motorsport (1994 to 1995); Heinz Roth (1996 to 2011) Alain Ruede (Niederwil, Switzerland) (2011 to present)
Sponsors: DRM - Doug Rippie Motorsports ZR-1 Corvette Team USA Lotus Group Mid America Design Bilstein BBS Goodyear
Drivers: Doug Rippie; John Paul (Jr); Chris McDougal; and Jim Meras (1995) Heinz Roth (1997-2011 vintage)

Original Color: red
Tires/Wheels: front wheels: Rear Wheels: Total weight 2750 lbs BRM Bilstein coil-over shock absorbers
Engine: LT5 modified to LeMans GT1 rules. For 1995 this included the use of one 58 mm throttle body (instead of two 52 mm throttle plates). Estimated output, in this form, was 580 HP and 580 lb-ft of torque
Driveline: Weisman 5-speed transmission; Corvette differential.
Interior: Stripped interior as per FIA rules
URL: Running’ Down a Dream, by: Micahael Breeding, VETTE, Vol 19, No: 9, September 1995, pages 28-31
Unique Characteristics: 
Notes/Race History: In 1994 Doug Rippie began preparations to develop two ZR1 based cars to race at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. Rippie turned, in part, to the Corvette community for support for this effort. As reported in the May 1995 issue of VETTE magazine (Inside Track column, page 10)a non-profit corporation called ZR-1 Corvette Team USA was formed to help finance the effort. The purpose-built racers used a new special lightweight body that weighed-in at less than 100 pounds and were powered by a Rippie-prepaed LT5 cranking out over 575 HP. One car (this one) was put on display at the last ZR-1 Event at the National Corvette Museum, April 28, 1995 Car tested at Brainerd in 1994 and at Sebring 12 Hour race in 1995. The Sebring race was used as a test session for the upcomign Le Mans race, as it was cheaper to run the race than to rent a track. Plans to race at Le Mans became complicated when one sponsor failed to honor their commitment. Regardless, the team made a solid effort to run the Le Mans event. One car was shipped to Le Mans and qualified. After the first test session the team performed a leak-down test and found several cylinders down on pressure. After the second test session, it was clear that a new engine would have to be installed and this was done. Similar problems were encoutnered in both practice and in the race. When it was clear that the second engine would not last, the two engines were torn down and one engine was re-constructed (rules required use of the same block that started the race). The repaired engine lasted until 3 hours before the end of the race. Car was DNF. Update: Doug Rippie ZR1 is in good hands. Here is latest from Alain Ruede, current owner. This Corvette was raced by Heinz Roth in over 100 races of different organizations in Europe between 1997 and 2011 - with many podium finishes!. Since then we have restored the ZR-1 back to its exact 1995 Le Mans configuration including the correct Black Widow 32V engine. Heinz raced the car with the body used at Sebring in 1995 and has kept the original Le Mans body carefully stored during all the years. The hood / doors and rear body of the car have not been painted during the restoration and have all original stickers on it - they are still like new. Just after the restoration was finished the car was invited as one of 24 cars worldwide for the “Heritage Club 24H” during the 2012 “Le Mans Classic” and ran a “Lap of Honor” together with the fantastic 1976 Corvette “Spirit of Le Mans”, a Ford GT-40 coming from Japan, the famous 1950 Cadillac “Le Monstre” from the Collier Collection and other significant Le Mans cars. The car resides now in Niederwil Switzerland and is displayed in our Showroom. Alain R�ede Dream Cars Niederwil, Switzerland 

Registry ID Number: 324

Illustration for article titled I need a C4
Illustration for article titled I need a C4
Illustration for article titled I need a C4

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