I need a dash cam

I am an aggressive driver, it’s stupid being this way because people here are very stupid.

It is also very stupid being aggressive, so I’m trying to be less so. Today an idiot (blue Versa) almost crashes into another idiot (red-me)

The Versa not only cut me off (fair enough) and make an illegal turn. It’s commonly abused, but the cars doing the turn usually take up the right lane in the road, I was in the left one.

Then this person slowed to 10km/h making a pickup truck stomp on their brakes and finally getting on the right lane, I accelerated to avoid this idiot but then they violently veered into my lane, and I had to stomp on my brakes going from 30km.h to 0, I thought I had crashed. The car stayed in my lane for a moment and then returned to the other lane, forcing the truck to evade again. Then they returned to my lane again, and then they took an exit to the right, but not before making everyone stop on their tracks as they slowly took the exit.

I made this scientifically correct drawing.

I need a dash cam.

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