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I need a Highway Bomber for $14K or less

Edit: Repost for morning crew

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So today’s been an interesting day! I hit the gym had a great workout and finishing my last set I got an email from a potential employer. I hopped on Skype and well, I’m moving back to Montreal! Later, I got to meet a ton of Oppos and catch Reitus and Cleitus Premiere which was just stellar!

The interesting thing about this whole mess is that I will be there, paying rent in Toronto as well and my girlfriend will remain here until I get through probation (3 months). So in that time I plan on visiting every couple weeks.


It’s a 350 Mile drive on highways and I’ll be leaving Friday after work and returning Sunday night. I’ll need a car to do this as renting is great and all but if I’m doing this over Christmas where I’ll get the week off .. I may as well bite the bullet and invest in a car for the next few years.


I view highway bombers as cars that are comfortable, that you feel a presence in and where you dont realize you’re doing 100MPH and neither do others. A Rolls, Bentley or BMW 6 series coupes are perfect examples of just that. A GT car.

1) Highway speed and comfort - I know where every speed trap is on this drive and allegedly cruise at 92.5mph. That means I need stealth and yes, a blackout button is on the list.

2) I’m 6ft 3 and an athletic 225 - No I do not fit in a Miata. If only.

3) Return on investment - This will be my DD through this winter, however I plan to trade it in come spring or summer for a 2017 Camero SS or ZL1.


4) Gas milage - I’m not going to buy something that gets a good 21MPG. I’m looking closer to 30MPG.

5) Tops $14K Canadian but less is better - It must be reliable. I am not going to sit out on my cold ass in mid January in -60F.


What are your thoughts Oppo? This is a huge step for me, I’ve never purchased my own cars and driven them. Though I’m in my later 20s and purchased nearly 20 vehicles in the past few years I flipped them quick and growing up, I was fortunate to have parents willing to provide me with transport.

So far on my list:

This Buick - $15.9K (Negotiation)


2008 Saab 9-3 Wagon - IT BROWN! $9K


2011 Genesis Coupe - Make an offer of $10K .. it has warranty



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