So my parents love CUVs because Baby Boomers. Trouble is I don’t think they can actually drive CUVs - or at least my mom. She has a very nicely equipped, practically brand new 15 Outback that she complains sits too low and she keeps running curbs over with (in fact I’m posting this from the Subie dealership because my mom just popped a tire) I’m thinking it’s time maybe to trade the damn thing in already if my mom can’t even keep it on the fucking road. My dad has the same damn car, just a base so it’s not as nicely equipped. They’re thinking of replacing the Santa Fe with a Tucson or CX5. So this is what I’m thinking of suggesting to them:

- first get mom to admit the Outback is too big for her to drive and that a shorter wheelbase vehicle is more appropriate for her

- dad gets mom’s car,his Outback gets to be trade fodder for a Tucson or (please God) a CX5


- Then we trade the Santa Fe for something else

If we do, my mom and dad would be thinking a second Tucson, and with a garage already full of two Outbacks I think that’s dumb af. So....

I’m thinking maybe get them to get a new 17 Impreza for a third car. Or forget it and let me buy my own used car. Or if I’m going to get a second damn Tucson let it be that orange color.