Oppo, your help is necessitated. A picture of a dog and horse for your trouble.

I thought I might enlist the collective brain power of the oppoverse to help me make a new workout playlist. I don’t want to blunt anyone’s creativity, so I will leave it open to any and all genres. You should know that I will be doing powerlifting, so that requires high effort over a short period of time, so keep the slow jams to yourself.

As an aside, what do other oppos do to stay in shape? I have been a runner most of my life (nothing longer than a half marathon), but I switched to lifting about two years ago. I like it. I follow the “go over show” doctrine, meaning I don’t much care how big my muslces are, I care about how much they can lift.

Aside number two: I live in China, so don’t expect any replies for the next twelve hours or so, I got’s to get to sleep soon.


Photo Credit: Alex Penfold