As you are all probably aware by now, as I have been posting pictures and rubbing in your faces, that I took an awesome trip to Italy. Well when I left I promised you all many awesome pictures of all the cool cars I would find on my awesome trip to awesome Italy...

Alas, I awesome failed.

I did not acquire many awesome pics of awesome cars in awesome places. I, instead, foolishly allowed my mother to make all the reservations, which means she booked a bus tour, and I had nearly zero time to walk around and drool over cars and take pictures. I did catch this Alfa Spyder in Sorrento while checking into my hotel. It was sexy.

I also found this totally awesome stretched Fiat taxi on Capri. I almost missed the shot as I stumbled in awe for my phone.


And finally I found this W114(115?) hiding along the Amalfi coast.

I saw many Alfas, Fiats, Lancias, Renaults, and Opels from my bus window as we rushed by, but never enough time to capture an awesome pic on my awesome potato.

Highlights were the vast number of classic Fiat 500's, Alfa Guilttas and Mito's (which I am 100% in love with after seeing them in person [fuck off Alfa bring awesome shit to America you assholes]), and a Lancia Delta (non evo just regular but still cool).