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I need a reset for today, neighbors, Comcast, seizures, oh my!

Have a Ferrari. Rant to follow...

After a red eye flight in last night, I decided to spend today detailing the 4Runner. Several hours later I’m done, and it looked pretty darn good. About an hour later, I go out to the garage. My son did my neighbor a favor while they were out of town and they repaid him by giving him a couple of Super Soakers. Cool, eh? Except the neighbor plopped the box of super soakers on THE HOOD OF THE 4Runner while she slid the box around unpacking them. I pulled the boxes and water guns off the truck to see scratches everywhere, “oh, did I do that?”. Thankfully, they were mostly superficial and another hour with the DA polished removed the scratches, I can still see a couple in the clear coat, but while I was working on that...


Dad! Scout! My dog has a seizure. The kennel he stayed at this past week claimed he didn’t have any at all while he was there. Joy. I guess I’ll call the vet when they open tomorrow.

This morning, Comcast came to install a new cable outlet in our house. When he said he was done this is what I see.

A broken floor vent and a hole in my wall with a freakin cable running through it. Sigh. Apparently I paid them $40 for that.


TL;DR  My neighbors sucks, Comcast sucks, seizures suck. A wonderful first day back from vacation.

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