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I need advice

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SC buffer image. This is a post about life. If you’re not into that stuff, I understand, and you don’t have to read this. It’s just I’m out of options and I don’t know where else to turn.


On Saturday, my girlfriend got robbed at work. She wasn’t hurt, she complied with everything as advised by the store. Long story short, the manager pretty much valued the money over her life. So, she quit.

Today her mom tells her that because she quit and now has no means to support the family, she’s being kicked out tomorrow. This is after her mom actually supported the idea of quitting if they gave her bullshit.


I can’t do much about this, I know. I don’t have the monetary means to get us into an apartment. My mom doesn’t want her moving in with us either. However, I don’t really want her to end up in some homeless shelter. I know she can take care of herself, but I just feel afraid.

On top of all this, I’m tired of my job. I was hired at this place with tons of promise, they pampered it up to be this fantastic place and it’s turning out to be the opposite. Plus there’s no urgency for me to advance, which I desperately need because I’m tired of living at home with my mom. It’s time for me to get out into this world.


Finally, I just received an email that my classes this semester have not been paid for, because my financial aid has yet to be approved due to a fuck up by the school’s finance department. I don’t know when my financial aid will be here, and I have until the 11th until I’m kicked out of school.

So yeah, life’s not going too well at the moment. If someone could give me some advice of some sort, or just something to reassure me not to panic. That’d be great.

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