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I need advice for the Minis latest problem.

It’s been leaving clouds of oil smoke in city enviroments, more info after the jump.

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The old problem: Wastegate has play within the turbo housing allowing a leak which was throwing the car into a limpmode. I adjusted the wastegate a bit, installed a downpipe(because I thought the cat was getting clogged), and now the car builds boost, great.(still a little spotty on actual power delivery as the wastegate still doesn’t seal 100% sometimes)

After going about 1500 miles the car is pushing clouds of oil smoke in 1st-3rd when your out of boost leaving stoplights and such. Revmatchs into second send a nice large puff of smoke out. The cloud is significant enough to pass me as I come to stops. Also when the cars warm visible amounts of smoke come out at idle.


So Heres what I know so far: All 4 spark plugs have oil on them, the turbo charge pipe is clean, and the catchcan is remaining empty.(which makes me think its not the turbo leaking oil since it wouldnt get into the combustion chambers)

It sounds like something to do with valve stem seals but the catchcan being empty maybe says something about the rings? I was going to throw the stock catted Downpipe back on in a last ditch effort but its sounding like I’ll need to finish my other project asap and park this for an engine rebuild.

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