Ive got a fairly specific problem. Anybody have experience with Ca code enforcement, it’s execution, and the finer details of property transfer? Ill try and condense the story as much as possible after the jump.(still a long story though)

My grandmother owned 38 acres that her daughter’s lived on(my mother and her sister). She passed away a few years ago and the property never went through probate or officially changed names(?) My mother has said that she did some paperwork that would make it ready for probate, but didn’t go any further because it was gonna get too expensive. Her sister to put it bluntly is/was a heroin addict so she never did any paperwork (I mention the drug abuse to show that getting her to do anything such as file paperwork or recieve important information is not an option)

Now long long long story short code enforcement and various other official organizations came onto the land and found multipul issues. Almost all of them are not fixable, or at least my mother is not capable of fixing any of them.

Part of the latest letter, all of said issue were supposed to be fixed

So code enforcement has been sending letters to my mother about having 30 days to comply with the code problems(which is a ridiculous amount of time to fix anything on this scale). She got in contact with a lawyer about two months ago who said he can straighten it out with the county. He sent a letter out saying that she has no means or obligation to fix the issues.


Now code enforcement has sent a letter, that shows the owner as the estate of my grandmother. Saying something to the effect that, you must fix everything, you can appeal, notice is givin for blah blah, they will start taking things to cover the expenses of the imposed fines(for not getting the code issues fixed) with ten days to comply.(its signed the 4th but showed up today). Furthermore the enforcement guy said in person that the land cannot obtain any permits because it was not subdivided properly back in the 70's(I think the word shaded parcel was used) Which brings me to a few questions.

The most frightening “notice”

How will they determine what to take, who to take it from, and when to take it?

How can they send these letters if the land never went into her name.(land taxes still shows up as my grandmother’s name) Technically couldn’t she just walk away from the land and it wouldn’t be her problem? The way the lawyer spoke to the county, it would seem so.


Can they show up and start taking anything on the land?

Naturally these are questions that would best be awnsered by said lawyer but Im not in a position to ask and my mother will put it off forever. So any advise or experiance would be appreciated.