My mother wants to buy me something for my b-day and I’d rather get something nice that I want rather than something she thinks I want. So, I’ve been thinking of getting a decent pair of leather driving gloves because of the general looks and because my steering wheel and shift knob get hot when they sit in the South Carolina sun from 7:30 am to 5:10 pm. Googling “Driving Gloves” yields me this:

...So there’s obviously quite a few styles and materials to choose from. From my initial browsing, I have created some criteria that need to be met before I go out and buy a set of them.

  1. COMFORT IS NUMBER 1. Above all else, these gloves have to be comfortable to wear for hours on end in a car. I don’t want itchiness, stuffy/sweat-inducing, or gloves with metal studs that burn me because they’ve soaked up too much energy from being in the sun.
  2. Color has to be grey, black, or brown. I don’t want Honda Race Car Red or Takata-Green gloves like I’m a wannabe Keiichi Tsuchiya. I want to keep things somewhat-classy. NO WHITE GLOVES, they’re eventually going to get dirty so why wear white?
  3. I’d prefer a durable material even though the wheel and shift knob I use are almost-smooth-as-glass wood with a clear finish over the grain. At the same time, I don’t want something that’ll scuff up my steering wheel and ESPECIALLY MY SHIFT KNOB, as OEM Mazda wood knobs are notorious for the grid patterns wearing out. I spent a solid year searching for a NIB 5-speed knob and they’re of unicorn status in terms of rarity.
  4. I checked a glove-sizing guide and I’m a size 9/medium.
  5. I would like these gloves to be breathable, meaning holes in the design to allow fresh air for my fingers and palms to breathe. I’ll be wearing these in winter but I’m not worried about the downsides of breathing gloves for this scenario.
  6. I don’t want to go buy expensively-priced and expensive-looking gloves. I’m not too worried about getting odd looks while wearing them in a modern-looking NB2 Miata but I don’t want to look like a douche-poseur wearing stupid-expensive-looking gloves. Nothing too flashy, please, more old-school race car driver than California bro.


So, does anyone have experiences with driving gloves that they’d like to share? I want to make an informed decision on this rather than “Oooh, these look cool!” choice.