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I need advice, Oppo

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So a friend of a friend is making me an offer on the Z, I had told people I was thinking about selling it, but I had changed my mind about it and that’s how I ended up with the Ducati last weekend.


His first offer is a bit less than I paid for it but I think I can make him go up a bit, specially since I will give commision to my friend (who makes a bit of money on the side brokering cars).

My grandfad had a saying that boiled down to “When somebody offers to buy, sell” I take it to mean that if the price is right you could be sorry not to sell.


This guy wouldn’t actually pick it up right away, he’s out of the country for a couple of months so basically he just wants to assure that I will sell it to him first/sell it to him when he gets back; if I don’t want to sell it he even offers to give me an advance in exchange to hive him first refusal when I do decide to buy him.

Obviously my choices in replacement would be limited because I no longer have extra cash, since I bought the Ducati last weekend; probably would be limited to finding a ZZ30 MR2 (the only ones ever sold here) or a Miata or something (ugh) a lot more normal.


So, Oppo, what do?

(The Z is an incredibly rare car in my country, so even though the price is near to what you would pay in the US for one, the rarity and the general conditions of those that still exist, make my particular car incredibly desirable to collectors and enthusiasts here, which is why this situation is very much expected from my part)

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