Guys, the wagon gave me a slight code brown Sunday..

The ball joint on the lower control arm popped out. It happened just as I pulled into a supermarket parking lot. (insert grocery getter joke). Soon has I heard the tire rub the fender I stopped. Came around to seeing the wheel looking off center in the wheel well. Soon as I turned the steering wheel it started to shift outward in the scariest way.

Called AAA, told them I needed a flat bed and one dolly so that bad wheel wont get dragged. 45min Later a skinny kit shows up with a flat bed but no dolly. I thought “great, now I have to be ready to change the fender and bumper..”

The kid tells me that any damage that results in getting it in the bed was not covered. I already know this, but when he said that I imagined the worsed. I nod, and he gets to work.


The kid is a wiz.... He puts a wheel chock in front of the front wheels, removed the E brake, and puts the car in neutral. AND THEN he proceeds to back the flat bed up under the car?!?! I really wished I had take a video of it! It was amazing! The car was dragged only for the last 2" with minimal fender damage! (as you can see from the first photo, most of the nose is over the edge of the bed)


When we got it home, he tells me to get a floor jack to lift it up from the subframe so there would be no more damage to the fender. Needless to say he got a fat tip. And I also got his story, he use to do Repo, and thats where he learned his flat bed Vudoo.

I should add that this happened a mile away from my house, and it happened just before we were going to head to Queens to visit friends. So this was the very best case scenario.


This brings me to main point of this post: I need another car. I has to be an SUV, and it has to be special.

So my Ideas are:

  • Trailblazer SS AWD
  • Jeep SRT-8 (first gen)
  • Lexus LX470 ‘05
  • Mercedes G Wagon

In general what I want out of this SUV purchase is that it must be unique, great resale value, generally reliable. So far Im leaning towards the SS hard. Its the cheapest of the bunch, huge cool factor, cant be that hard to sell something that came from the factory with a LS motor.


The SRT-8s I love, but they’re almost 15k more than the SS, and I dont think they can tow cause of the exhaust. (not a huge negative but its there)

The lexus is the smartest choice I feel, reliable, supple, refined, and down right boring/safe. If it were a girl, its the one you marry, but Im not about that yet, at least not in my automotive life. Air suspension can be a huge problem in the future, I hear easiest thing is just swap to standard suspension. Again its boring but about the same price as SSs.


The G wagon is a car that Ive always had a hard-on for. Its ugly, obnoxious, capable, obvious, it says “LOOK AT ME, BUT DONT!” Off road capable, (im not much of an Overlander, but nice to know you have options) Most expensive of the bunch, shitty Mercedes knobs & bottons, who knows what the maintenance costs are. I want to own one eventually for like a year, its a bucket list thing, in fact all of the cars on this list are bucket list cars for me...except the lexus (wifey material).

On I forgot one detail, a client of mine has a first gen X5 6 cylinder, with 3 PEDALS! for $3.5k. it could be a nice cheap option to hold me down, but Im afraid that its resale value, and BMW problems in general. Plus not sure I want to be rowing an SUV, thats what the wagon is for.


Anyways, convince me not to get the SS...cause Im going to go test drive it by the weekend.


TL;DR: I want An SUV, SS is what Im feeling, but open to options with cool factors.