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I Need Dis

Because I’ve had three 4Runners, still have one.

How does blipshift stuff tend to fit? I would be inclined to get the “fitted” in a medium but uhhh I’m more of a keg than 6 pack kind of guy if you gnome saying.


Fun fact: since 1984 my immediate family has owned 16 Toyotas. Dad has had 4 different pickups, three first gen T4R’s, one second gen, and currently has one 4th gen as well as one of those first gens. My mom had one first gen T4R and one second gen, and currently has a RAV4. I’ve had two second gen T4R’s and currently have one first gen. My brother currently has a 4th gen. No one has had a 3rd gen or 5th. Yet. I bet OpposResidentToyotaGuy has me beat, but that’s not a fair competition.

We like 4Runners.

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