I need DIY halp!

I'm doing the ball joints and tie rod ends on Project Thanks Obama, come hell or high water (or snow), on Saturday. I have my gargantuan friend coming over to help with the muscle part.

I can find write-ups for Dakotas 1997 through 2010. They're all very well written and full of useful information. When I search for 1st generation, I find write-ups for 2wd, sure, but almost nothing for 4wd. What little I've found on 4wd has been grossly inaccurate - from saying that the lower ball joints are integral (requiring complete control arm replacement) to something about tapping out peens. My ball joints have C-clips on them! Should it not be as simple as press-in press-out? Why can't you just tell me this, INTERNET?!


And yeah I've checked the shop manual - goes into great detail about the upper BJs, not the lower unless it's a 2wd. Can anyone be of assistance here? Will a write-up on a 1998 work similarly well for my 1995?

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