I went to TTAC, logged in, and commented on an article. My question now is, did I go to far with my response and reasoning? In the article, Jack Baruth writes about the Texas Edition badge from a truck (presumably a Silverado). In the article (while unpacking the package with the badges) he says this:

Ladies (yeah, right) and gentlemen,......

I called him on it in the comments as being discriminatory towards women buyers and women in general. Feel free to peruse the comments section to see the rebuttals to my comment. A particularly interesting one is from Bark M. He states that my reading comprehension has failed and that Baruth meant that they have no female readers based on their statistics. That’s fine, but that’s not how it was stated.

In this community (cars and car enthusiasts) I feel we need to welcome and embrace our female counterparts as much as possible. I also feel like with comments like his, he is potentially alienating any chance of getting a female audience.

Take a look if you have a moment and read what I wrote. I am user kthooker. If I am wrong, I will freely admit it. Looking for guidance.

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