This is geniunley not about me, but a friend of mine.

In the past 36 months, the 64 year old father had 1 minor speeding ticket, the 52 year old mother has no infractions. He is 18 and totaled a car, had an event that resulted in a suspension of his license, (driving on his permit [without his license] and speeding [47 in a 35]), got another speeding ticket [14 over in a 30], and rear-ended a man at a stoplight and the damage was was less than $1400. He really had awful luck. He is not a gearhead and does not drive recklessly.. He drives rather defensively, but is a klutz.

Yesterday, while learning to drive stick, he drifted backwards into a 2011 e class. The quote is $2300, and the kid didn't give the man his insurance information and hasn't told his parents.


That quote is from a small bodyshop as well, i can't imagine what the dealer would have quoted. The car needs a new plastic grill ($600), front bumper support ($494), plastic cowl for the air intake, and hood latch (~$200).

a) longterm, what are the ups and downs of these "high risk" insurance plans, such as those from The General, that offer quotes that are too good to be true?

b) Are there options for the kid to take other than telling his parents and putting it on his insurance? ei work out a payment plan with the body shop?

Thanks for your time, and here is a totalled-then-vr6-swapped 911 painted camo for just that.