As I strolled across the stage to grab my diploma that would once and forever prove to my parents that I was indeed a ‘batchelor of marketing’, I thought the world was mine. NOPE!

That was 4 years ago. I now have a few years of sales under my belt at DriveTime (I know, not exactly high end but they did require a 4yr degree) and outside sales selling business machines and IT. Currently I work for a subprime finance company as an account manager (not collections, more administrative and supervisory). Not my dream job.

I now have an interview at a dealership that sells Porsche, Land Rover and Jaaaaaag. I know I am capable of interviewing well, looking nice and selling myself - but what should I expect? I am great at customer service, I have an excellent track record in sales (with good references), and the guy I am interviewing with road raced in the 80s (I currently autocross and road race with ChumpCar). Seems like I’m setup well for this interview but I am hoping to get some insight into the field. What buzzwords are they looking for? I’m single and can work crazy hours - worth bringing up? Perfect driving record as well.

I want this bad as I know I can succeed in this position, I’m just always looking for a competitive advantage and that is where you guys come in!