I need help Oppo and offer driving songs in trade

Have a great driving song per my offer.

The Vandals’ first album was the SoCal punk rock of the time and it was very well received. As we would learn was their won’t, they released an album of country songs that entirely aliented the surf-punk fans who had embraced them. But a few of us (including me) found this giant “fuck you” to hardcore sensibility to be the most punk rock thing of all and loved the whole thing. The Meat Puppets took a similar path, but with a whole lot less irreverent humor, and fewer dickhead surfers from Huntington Beach. Meat Puppets II IS one of the greatest records ever and you should listen to it. But I digress.


My office Christmas party is today, and I have a couple of small- business traditons. First, everyone gets a fancy Christmas card with a new $100 bill inside, and no, that is not their Christmas bonus. Second, I welcome everyone’s families to the party, and I buy presents for all the kids. Most are easy. There is a 14 year old boy, a boy and a girl toddlers, 2 Jr high boys, and the one that strikes fear into my heart is a 14 year old girl. I have no idea what a girl that age likes or wants. The way my brain works, all gift ideas that blank out fall back on “remote control car.” When I push that away, my brain falls back on “slot car racrletrack.” My instincts are not good. On the other hand, if it wasn’t for my wife, my mom would have a kick ass collection of remote control cars, and a killer slot car setup.

Please help me find a good gift for this teen girl. Some of you Oppos know girls, and some of you even are girls. I want to get her something she thinks is cool. The office closes at noon today, and the party is a dinner. I have some shopping to do.

Have a little Meat Puppets II for your time. They might be my favorite if I had to pick 1 band. You must see them live. This is my all time favorite driving song.

Have a good Friday 

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