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I need help picking a DD

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With Vroom and Carvana offering crazy $$, I ended up selling my truck I bought new in June for $7.5K over what I paid. The truck will be on a flatbed next week and I’m left driving my girlfriend’s Rav4. Since WFH, I don’t really need anything immediately. Here’s my short list of wants but most aren’t deal breakers:


-<$60k OTD

-AWD / 4wd (upper midwest)

-Adaptive Cruise


-New or ultra low mileage / CPO


I test drove a new 2020 S4 this week and really liked it. I talked the dealer down to $54.5K on a $63K sticker. Cons: I don’t like the massive depreciation and it doesn’t look all the different from a base A4. S5 Sportback’s are rare and likely won’t be discounted 13%.


Next I looked at a used X3 M (dealer loaner with 3k miles). This is about $10K more. It was fast, but I just didn’t like it all that much. Was not a comfortable DD. And it looks like it was driven hard.. I received a quote on a new 2020 X3 M out of state for the same price. I tried talking down a bit on the used one, but no budge.

Should I jump on the S4 or just hold out?

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