I need help picking a used daily driver

I had to let go of my E90 335i last Thursday and now I need to replace it (Background Story Here). I have a long commute at an average of 70 miles per day round trip, which will put a ton of miles on any car quickly. I like BMWs a lot, but I also want to buy a sports car that isn’t a commuter car.

Is the right Jalop move to buy a Prius for the commute and a used sports car for weekends? I have been looking at E46 M3s and 997.1 911s for awhile and have a green light from my wife to buy one when the time is right.

Or should I keep the commute interesting with a BMW 3 series or Audi A4? Right now, these are the two cars I am looking at:

Photo: BMW of Las Vegas

Jalopnik Edition 320 ZMT + ZPS; or

Photo: Bimmer’s R Us

Nearly perfectly optioned 328i from an Independent BMW Shop.

I am getting a PPI on the later at Autohaus BMW in Maplewood, Missouri this Friday.


I would also consider an A4, Ford Focus, or GTI (especially if either of those is equipped with a manual).

But, by quite a lot, I prefer a rear wheel drive car with an engine that is mounted transversely. This is why I fell in love with BMW back when the E39 came out. It just clicked in my brain as the way a car should be built. And here I am, unable to change that core belief.


Used Subaru WRXs with low miles hover a little bit above my budget.

Or should I just get the Prius to save money for the greater Oppo-good?

I’m torn.

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