In case you didn’t know, I run an automotive magazine since 2012, like Top Gear and Jalopnik but more localized. It is called Throttle TV Magazine, a name that I wanted to change for some time now.

There are a couple of reasons why, one of them being so generic. You got a part of a car that powers the car, an acronym that signifies videos in the future (by the way, that YouTube page only has like 3 videos so far!), and a word that tells what it is. What do you get? The most cheesiest and most generic title a 15-year-old thought of!

I had a prototype back in 2014: it was Kotse 7107. The idea was that I would showcase Philippine car culture into the world. Kotse stands for car in Filipino, and 7107 represents the number of islands in the Philippine archipelago. It sounded cool to me...until my petrolhead friends told me it’s rubbish.

So, Opponauts, help me or at least, give me tips on changing my magazine name! Here are two booties for your time.