A reporter called me today because my attorneys petitioned the US Supreme Court to review the case against me. He is writing an editorial about the case for the Sacramento Bee that promises to be a character assassination.

I asked the thrust of the editorial, and he diplomatically confessed that he intends to condemn me. I am an idiot, so I talked to him anyway, and told him what he wanted to know. I have nothing to hide.

I decided a while ago not to be afraid of the press and to tell the truth because I did not do anything wrong. Hell, I told him I did not care what opinion he expressed in his piece. Frankly, I think he was surprised that I talked to him at all.

Unlike the last guy, he did not offer to let me read his work prior to publication, but he did say that talking to me helped “shape” the editorial. I think it’s a-gonna be an old fashioned crucifixion. But I am not afraid odlf that, because my clients will only love me more for being the Darth Vader of lawyers


Any pointers on these media relations? I have no idea what the fuck I am doing here.