I went out to a location I found via Google Earth street view and took some shots of an admittedly mediocre subject to better aquaint myself with my camera outside the sanitized flash-filled corporate studio I usually take pictures in. I fiddled with them in Lightroom on my terribly mis-calibrated monitors trying varying degrees of grunginess, desaturation, vignettes (god I love vignette), and applying a noise-removal filter to every picture because my D3100 has hella noise even at ISO 200. Sigh. The thing is, even after all this I feel like my photos are really missing something, but I can’t put my finger on what. I really wish I had some faster glass (currently using the kit lens that came with my D3100) so I could get some bokeh on certain shots, and I know some of these would be better with a lower angle but I’m not coming up with much else. Any photographers here on Kinja have any ideas?