So today I noticed these two different, but close enough to be related scratches on my car.

The first has at least one that’s down into the primer, but tapers off to parts that can maybe be compounded out.

The second is actually three or so straight lines that are definitely at least through the clearcoat. I have no idea what it could be other than someone using a box cutter to scratch my car. It’s way too straight, thin, and deep to have been done with a key.


Considering that I park in the corner of an empty roof of a six floor parking garage, I can’t imagine why anyone would feel the need to scratch my car, unless it was out of pure jealousy of my ability to afford a super ritzy 15 year Jag with a Bluebook of $2k on a good day, but whatever.

The big caveat here is that 1) I am very bad at doing touch ups, and 2) I have a deathly fear of touching anything with sandpaper.


On a related note, how do I go about finding a shop that can do this sort of thing and hopefully match the paint and hopefully not ruin my car?