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I need some help in dealing with an asshole...

And for your troubles, this wallpaper sized 512BB LM

So this morning I received an email from one of my professors, basically saying that I was doing terribly in his class (not true) and that my work had degraded since my midterm (very not true), simply because I have never met with the Teacher's assistant.


In response to this, I sent him this email:

(Professor's name)-
It is interesting to me that you believe my work has degraded since the midterm. I would like to know in what way you can justify this. I have put 10+ hours into each of the past two assignments (much more than some of my classmates who you don't seem to have any problems with), and if you think that this shows degradation, then that's your own problem. Ever since the first hand drawing assignment (which I admit, I could've done much better on) it seems like you have treated me as lazy, ignorant, and frankly a hindrance towards the class as a whole. I have put vastly more effort and devoted a much larger amount of time into each of the assignments after that, but I feel you ignore this simply because I haven't met with (The TA). I will meet with (The TA) this week, but I want you to be aware that I find your email extremely insulting, even to the point of being hurtful.

To which he replies saying that my email "extremely disrespectful, untruthful and
insulting", and that "I was simply pushing you to improve your
work. I am disappointed to hear you can't take criticism. Each student
that I emailed responded acknowledging the flaws and welcoming the
critique. The conversations we have had in class have been mutually
respectful, individual and private".

So friends, I'm at a loss about what to do. Do I take the high road and not respond, should I defend my work, should I tell him to fuck off, or do something else entirely?


Thanks for reading!

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