I need some old computer help oppo

I have two old, nearly broken Macs that are just sitting in my closet that I’m not entirely sure what to do with and don’t like bulky useless things sitting around. I also got a new MacBook Pro so these old ones aren’t necessarily needing to be revived. Here’s what I’m working with:

Mid 2010 15" MacBook Pro. Motherboard is mostly dead, I can turn it on and do super basic stuff but can’t do any design work or even go on the internet before it shuts down and restarts. I think this was a known (to people other than me until it was too late) issue that if it happened you could send it in for a free fix. That time has passed and they no longer honor it. They no longer make the mother boards but there are a few hanging around on eBay and whatnot which seem like a toss up if it will fix it. I’m thinking of using Apples turn it in recycle program for this and get a bit of money for it before they stop accepting this model.


2008(?) Mac Pro with a 30" Cinema Display. This was given to me and has 4 1tb Hard drives set up in a RAID configuration. It’s dead. I can use it in target disk mode but can’t get started in any sort of safe mode. It’s heavy, loud, and old. The Cinema Display would be somewhat nice to connect to my new MacBook but the damn thing has to be plugged in to VGA, USB, Firewire 400(?), and an outlet to work. I don’t want to use that many connectors to hook up a heavy monitor so it seems easier to buy a new external at a later date. I’m not sure to do with this guy, cannibalize the hard drives and just get rid of the rest? Maybe, maybe get lucky and sell the monitor?

What would you all do with these silver monsters?

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