I need some PC audio help! (Fixed)

I want to play PC games on my bedroom TV thats much bigger. I connected a displayport to HDMI to my tv and made it duplicate screens. That works perfect, but I have no sound out the TV, only the PC speakers.

I have both volumes enabled, but can only get sound from either one if I have either Samsung TV or Speakers enabled as the default device.


Is there a way to have them both default sound device so I can get sound? Or do I need to have a better way of getting audio to the TV? Or I’m doing something wrong (most likely).

My PC speakers are plugged into the motherboard by the audio out (green).

The audio / video to the TV is displayport to HDMI as I only have 1 HDMI on my gpu and I use it for the monitor.


If Oppo can’t help, I’ll crawl to some PC nerd site :)


Nick solved the issue!

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