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I need the advice of the Oppo hive mind

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I visited a friend yesterday, the one who is dying of uterine cancer. She wanted to borrow an iPad so that she could write a few farewell letters to friends and family whilst in hospital. I’ve got a few of these devices so I had no problem cleaning one off and letting her use it for as long as she needs it. We spent a few hours together and she seems to have accepted her fate; our visits are pleasant and enjoyable, surprisingly devoid of the tears and sadness that one would expect to normally accompany such occasions.


Here’s the awkward part. Do I ask her for her iCloud username and password so that I can clean it off when she’s done with it? Since she’s put in her will that I am to receive her various electronic items (like me, she’s into all sorts of electronic gadgets), including her iPhone, should I have that information on file when the need eventually arises? I was thinking that perhaps she can provide it in an envelope, only to be opened after her death. This is a weird situation, and I’m not sure how to best handle it. Just like having to deal with your kid’s access to the internet, this is one of those new problems that one couldn’t have imagined just 25 short years ago.

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