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I need this

small rant to follow.

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so in a town not far from me, a shitty sack of shit was drive like a shitbag. The police started chasing the bag’o’shit’ The shitsack crossed over the double yellow and killed a father on his way home from visiting his newborn and wife. There was a women in the car with shithead who later died from her injuries. asshole was drunk. The mother of the dead woman and some political guy, also a sack of shit, are blaming the Police for pursuing the drunk. Can I just say, fuck them. The police were doing their job, that asshole, chose to run, and he killed two people with that decision. he was out on reduced bail for drunk driving and I think stabbing someone. Dont blame the police. This guy is an obvious burden to society and should have been the one to die, and should be taking 100% of the blame for what happened.

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