If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

I need this. And I need it now.

Here are the pics incase it gets pulled.

Turbines. Mmm.
I don’t really care about the snowplow stuff.
Okay, so it has bubbling.

The ad’s kinda cryptic. It’s a V8 with auto, and 4x4. I’ve wanted one of these Rams for a while.


Ever since my buddy got an ‘87 D100 with a 318 and Cherry Bombs under the doors. Sadly, he scrapped it after a few months (It was junk. Bitchin’, but junk.).

The D100 in question. You can see the Cherry Bomb. It had one on the drivers’ side too, obviously. Quit running and the trans had no reverse.

Just love these things. I’d get it undercoated, put Cherry Bombs on it like my buddy’s truck, and remove the plow stuff and daily it in all of its’ 9 M.P.G. glory.

EDIT: That didn’t last long. Which one of you bastards bought my truck?!

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