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Volvo TP-21 "Sugga"

From Hemmings:

Looking like a Tonka toy on steroids, the Volvo TP21 Command Car has to be one of the most cartoonishly macho machines ever to leave the drawing board. Produced between 1953 and 1958, it was designed to roam the Cold War battlefields of Northern Europe and was packed with radio equipment from which its crew of five could direct the tanks and troops of the Swedish Army. Dramatically over-engineered in typical Swedish style, it was nicknamed ‘Sugga’ (sow or pig) by the troops and combined a shortened truck chassis with a modified pre-war Volvo taxi body. Power came from a rugged 3.7-litre straight-six petrol engine driving through a high and low ratio four-speed gearbox to give eight forward speeds. Allied to a sophisticated part-time four-wheel drive system with pneumatic differential-locks for both axles and huge ground clearance, it was the ultimate ‘go anywhere’ vehicle and remained in service for over thirty years.

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