I saw this ‘92 K1500 while cruising around with a friend this past sunday. It caught my eye, and I just had to look at it. First of all, this is like my perfect truck. A black K1500 with the standard cab/ short bed combo, 350 TBI, and a 5 Speed (I’d be fine with an auto, but manuals in trucks are just so fucking cool). Secondly, its the cleanest C/K I’ve ever seen. Seriously, the body is 99% rust free, and the underbody is super clean by C/K standards as well. Obviously, I don’t know how it runs or shifts, but I want it SO BADLY.

The issue? The dealership is OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS. Like, seriously, who the fuck do they think is going to pay $6.5K for a 23 year old truck with almost 200,000 miles? If there was a chance in hell of getting a reasonable price on it, I’d be interested. But that just won’t happen :/

Anyways, check it out. http://www.lafontainecadillacbuickgmc.com/auto/used-1992…