The M3 has almost worn out the rears, so consequently I need new tries. The fronts are still good, but I don’t really like them on the M3, at all. This isn’t a problem because the 328i is also going to need tires soon. That might sounds like bad news, but the rims on the front of the M3 and the rims on the rear of the 328i are the same size, 18x8.5. So I plan to keep the tires from the front and put them on the rear of the 3 in a few thousand miles. On the M3 I’ve got Michelin A/S3s in the front and Michelin PS2s in the back. The reason they’re different is because this was the first car I bought and it’s been a learning experience. While I’m not really a fan of these particular tires, I do like Michelins; I was thinking of getting Pilot Super Sports for all 4 corners of the M3. I’ve got them on my 328i right now and do like them. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?