I Need to Rant

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Today, I’d like to take the time to rant about my internet service through AT&T. I don’t expect many people to read this or really care, but I just need to take the time to get some stuff off my chest, and Oppo is always a good place to do that. There is strong profanity ahead, so be wary.


Four years ago, after my parents divorced, my mom and I moved to our grandmother’s house to live. My grandmother lives in an area that’s quite literally the middle of nowhere, in a hole, surrounded by wood. She used AT&T as her home phone service, so that’s what we were going off of. We decided to wire her house up for WiFi before I moved, and I thought everything would be set.

Little did I know the headaches that would be coming.

When I first moved, I noticed the internet was, in a sense, shit. Loading times were slow, streaming was slow, everything was...well, slow. I thought to let it slide for the first few months as we just moved, and after a while we could call up AT&T and they’d upgrade our package or something, or do some technowiz shit that I wasn’t that accustomed with to upgrade our service to something faster, and that’s what we did. We called up AT&T after a while, they promised they would fix it up, and everything would be fixed.


Only thing is, they never fixed it. They claimed to, but the speeds never actually got faster. In fact, in some aspects, they actually got worse. We had many conversations with AT&T about this over the years, and each time it’s the same bullshit. “We’ll take care of it, sir,” “All it takes is a new router, we’ll get that sent over to you,” “We’ll send a technician to check it out.” The same fucking tripe over and over again for years, with no solution.

Finally, in around 2016, we finally got a considerate woman on the phone who told the truth. Basically, it’s not our package, or our router, or anything, it’s where we live. Remember me saying my grandma lived in the middle of a whole in the Boondocks? Basically, our area is not enough of a priority to actually consider installing a new transmitter for the area, or to lay fiber optic cables, or anything. We asked her if this might ever change, and she said, “Probably not. Sorry” (she’s probably lost her job since then for being honest, whoever you are ma’am, thank you for telling us the truth).


So now, all I can say is that AT&T can choke on the largest cock and die. They are a fucking travesty of a company, and it gets worse.

Many people have asked me why I can’t just switch companies. Well, the plain and simple fact is that AT&T has monopolized our area. They’re the only company that operates here and probably will be the only ones for a very long time. They’ve got my neighborhood at the end of the noose and are only going to pull it tighter unless we all pony up our money or something. Every one of my neighbors complain about the same thing, slow-ass internet, and there’s no fucking way to fix it.


So here I am, in 2018, dealing with internet that’s about as slow, or maybe even slower than dial-up. YouTube is probably the only video service that actually works competently, and even then, I have to watch in 240p to get it to stream with zero buffering. Netflix works sometimes, the entire reason I’m writing this post is because I was fed up after I couldn’t stream some anime ANYWHERE without interruption. I can’t play games online without constant dropping, that’s why I never play Forza multiplayer. Oh, and I forgot, if it rains, kiss your chances of having any fucking internet goodbye.

So, basically, yeah, I fucking hate AT&T. I fucking hate the service they’ve given us. I fucking hate that I can’t do SHIT about it. It makes me consider leaving the internet all together, but I know I can’t.


That’s the rub. If you read this, thanks. If not, whatever.

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