I need to start by saying I very much appreciate those of you that have always listened and shared our podcast. We’ve started and stopped a few times over the last few years. Between my relocation to the Dayton area and Nathan’s life changes, we’re finally back in swing.

He’s full time doing his fabrication and my schedule has finally opened up to allow us to fully allow us to podcast reliably every weekend. Yesterday we went ahead and delved into it. What did we discuss?


The #Normalcarnonsense movement, our projects, Nathan taking his leap of faith, and some pretty awesome automotive trending news. We discuss the C8, the new Supra, the Mazda RX9 hype, crossover SUVs and so much more.

Be sure to let us know what you think, and if you enjoy what we’re aiming for don’t be afraid to subscribe and leave us a review. You guys and your feedback is exactly why we keep chasing this dream and we can’t thank y’all enough for reading, giving that feedback and just being awesome!

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