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I need your CSI Cyber skills, Oppo!

First of all I need to thank you for showing your support when I was in a really dark place and needed someone to talk to. I wasn’t prepared to take my own life nor did I have actual thoughts to enact on harm on me or someone else, but it was an incredible struggle that day and I do appreciate the people who were willing to talk to me.

On the other hand, my brother just called me and said that the cops showed up and asked him about suicide threats from me two days before I made my post. I’m absolutely very sure I didn’t post any suicidal messages during that time period, in fact I was actually pretty OK and happy that day. Not just on Oppo but on pretty much any place, Facebook the entirety of the Interwebs what have you. So, um, I kind of want to know wtf was going on. Was I actually the victim of a coincidentally-timed swatting incident? Is there any way any of you can find out what’s going on?


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