Okay, so I think I've exhausted all possible options, but maybe you can suggest anything else?

I'm looking for a small nimble RWD two door car. Easy enough right? Miata.. BUT!! here comes the tricky part.. I DON'T want a convertible. I'm so fucking fed up with convertibles (I already have a '99 miata). They're noisy, shaky, they leak... I'm just tired of them. I tried looking for a worthy replacement, but so far I can't find anything that's remotely in the same price range that is also close to the handling feel. I've looked at MR2, E30, is there really anything else? Help oppo! :(

Edit: Thanks everyone for all the info and help! And holy fuck! I just found a clean unmolested S14 for $4k. Gonna go check it out tomorrow, it's only an hour away too! :D