She has an 11 mile commute and would like a smaller car. She currently rides a motorcycle every day but has decided she needs a car for a lot of the year.

Her zip code is 95018 (Felton, California) but she is willing to drive a little bit to find the right car.

She wanted a FIAT 500 but her partner doesn’t want her to get it. Then she found a 2012 Fiesta with a manual transmission (she can drive stick), but her friends are telling her not to buy it because they have a lot of problems.


She is willing to either buy a older used car for about $2000 or she got approved for a $7700 bank loan but the car has to:

  • be newer than 2010
  • have less than 80,000 miles

She isn’t really into cars and her main requirement is that it be reliable and cheap to fix. She also likes hatchbacks.

I would recommend a Corolla but they don’t seem to exist within the limitations for the more expensive option.

I found this Versa but they seem to have iffy reviews


I’m kind of struggling with what to tell her and she hates car shopping as it is. I was hoping you could help me help her. I’m also hesitating about giving her advice because I don’t want her to get a lemon.

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