I have mediation this afternoon. The client supplies labor to a factory that makes erosion control whatsis like you see pictured above. It actually is a pretty good case for us, except the client can’t get his shit together. He is missing a substantial number of records that we need, or says he is, but doesn’t feel like getting them. He and I will be talking this morning. It drives me nuts when clients don’t get me what I need to help them.

The mediator today is a retired judge who is the most respected mediator in this region. When he was a judge, he was at the center of a lot of controversy, including an effort to remove him from the bench. There was a case where a woman who was a hardcore drug addict was before him for sentencing. He recognized her - she was a regular customer of the jail and the court. He knew from her file that the state had taken several children away from her due to her inability to care for them.


The jusge offered her a choice. Jail for her various offenses, or a contraceptive implant in her forearm as a condition of probation. She chose the latter, and people went nuts. On the left, he was accused of disregarding her reproductive rights. On the right, they wanted her in jail. He pissed off everyone, and it culminated with someone shooting at him on the bench - the bullet missed his head by mere inches. No metal detectors or X Ray machines in courthouses in those days.

For some reason, the guy has taken a liking to me over the years. The last time I was in his office (to do business with his partner) he pulled me aside to express support for some of the controversy that surrounds me. It was a cool moment, and whatever the outcome for me, I won’t forget it. I would much rather earn the respect of a man like this in private than be venerated in public.

Sunchaser for your time.

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