Who am I and what happened to Jaxwagen? I used to live and breathe little German cars, now after owning a Mazda for 4 years I have been toying with the idea of buying a truck. But with little Jaxwagen jr. in the mix and not wanting to drive an 18' monster or deal with a rust bucket project I’ve been exploring other avenues.

So in comes the 3rd Gen 4runner. I’ve never been a fan of big cars, but my hobbies of wood working and kayaking have created a need, and I think the 4runner might check all of the boxes without being too big. I don’t know how family friendly/safe this would be for an infant or toddler, but it can’t be the most unsafe thing, right?


I think I am just easily suckered by well contrasted photos(minus the MS paint), but this one has my blood pumping. Clean body, frame looks good, manual transmission, V6, only 150k, and most importantly only one owner. The price might be a little high, but it isn’t Taco tax crazy.

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