Slight rant so I’m bumping it down behind a picture of a WRX. Enjoy.

I never knew why I managed to associate myself with (what I would like to call) heartless little shits - and a majority of them are in the family. Of course, you would probably say that they’re looking out but...

... How can they? They tend to argue with people who are actually right to the point that I have to go and bail them out, and my own folks thought that helping those who are less fortunate than the ones who deserve to be (aka my uncle) are common commodities that they don’t need to spend money on? And yes, this is the same uncle who nearly threatened me, by the way, and yes, he’s been evicted.

I really don’t know. Anyways, I’m just going to go down several Starbucks frappuccinos while I try to think on how I could help one of my closest friends in California. If you’re reading this, friend... I’m sorry that I’m useless.