buuuuuut I need tires anyway because the winters will hopefully need to come off soon. (fingers crossed... knocks on wood). So i figure why not spend another 100 or so and get some new rims while I'm at it. Unfortunately there isn't a ton of options on CL at the moment. 4x100 wheels are as common as the used to be with everything going to a five lug set up, and its even harder to find 16"s or even 15"s and I'd like to go a little bigger than stock. I've always thought 16"s were perfect for Civics, but one thing that changed my mind is that my 6th gen does run a tire size almost a full inch taller than any before it so 17's don't look quite as silly. ON problem is one picture of some damage. I can't tell if it;s corrosion/curb rash or if the edge of the wheel is actually damaged to the point that it would leak/ride weird.


what do you guys think?

Also if any one lives within a couple hours of Ashland Wi and wants to sell me some wheels with tires for around this price let me know.