I took another day off work, because I feel like crap and get fatigued very quickly while standing. But I did miss driving, so I took the Jag to Starbucks. The thing is, I’m very congested and stuffy and it’s made it difficult to hear. The XJ8 is already pretty silent (Jag purposely made the V8 quiet and used it in advertising claiming the car could go from “0-60 in under 6 seconds without raising its voice”), but with my head being so stuffy, I can’t hear the engine at all, even under heavy acceleration.

The funny thing is, I’ve become so used to driving the car that I regulate speed based more off of the sound of the engine and shift patterns than actually looking at the speedo. Since I can’t hear the car, I keep inadvertently speeding without realizing it. I kept thinking I was doing 50 and then looking down and seeing that I was at 70.