tl;dr - you can do just about anything with a fancy piece of plastic and sheer luck.

My buddy texted me saying he needed a car that day.

I pick him up downtown, but the dealer closes in 45 minutes.

He sees an 03 Yukon XL Denali.

He wants it.

Book value is $6k but itā€™s listed at $4300 including admin fee.

Last day of the month means the dealer was able to knock off the admin fee within 5 minutes.


He doesnā€™t have cash or a checkbook.

We find out the dealer takes credit.

We sign the papers, he pays by black card, and we and rush over to get temp insurance.

They close in 15 minutes and need two pieces of photo ID.

My buddy has one.

He then remembers he has a photo of his passport buried in his email.

He finds it in 7 minutes.

They accept it as valid.

He drives back to Penticton that night on temp insurance and will sort everything out next week.


So how was everyoneā€™s Halloween?