My insurance. I like keeping my finances close, & secret. This is too exciting to not share.

When I first started started driving I drove like jackass, & I pay for it. As $836/month for car insurance. I had go with the one insurance provider in Ontario that will insure ultra high risk drivers. How did I derserve to pay that much?

- Roll a truck on a sideroad in a rain storm. Stunt driving & failure to stay in lane.

- 1 month later rear end a car at a red light. Failure to change lanes (I argued there where cars in the other lane & I was unable to change lanes.) & I forget the ticket. These 1st two ones are major driving offenses.

- 1 later I got a pink ticket for 130kph in a 100kph zone. I was up to 8 demerit points, @ 9 you have high chance of losing your license. That’s after the court battles.


This April it will be 3 years since the court date for the 1st 2 major tickets, so they come off my record. The charges will be on my record for 4 more years. I called my insurance broker for new rates. I was quoted with who I’m with currently for $458/month, but got an e-mail today my old provider can take me back & wants $288/month. From $836/month - $288/month that frees up $548/month. I can finally afford to fix the clutch issue & suspension. Maybe some mods too. Next year the speeding ticket comes off & it will be even lower.

I was too exciting to no share this. Insurance in Ontario is stupid expensive, don’t move here if you own a sports car.